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As a child I never thought that I was going to become interested in the world of design and arts in general. I started by chance and I have never stopped since then. I am fascinated with the act of designing and that’s what I continue doing day by day. 


I studied graphic design some years ago in Santiago de Chile. I’m curious and adventurous, I left my country and now I live in Madrid. The years spent here gave me the chance to broaden exponentially my visual spectrum and the way of seeing and presenting ideas and concepts always to support communication. 


I have been developing my work for years now, building up a portfolio with endless visual possibilities both in the creative/artistic field and in the commercial/corporate environment  (which is creative as well). 


I have worked in areas of graphic design, photography, video art, digital illustration, production of artistic and cultural events, corporate graphic and website development. 


I’m really keen on cinema and music, I have always been lucky to be surrounded by other artists, musicians and singers, actors, painters, photographers, writers, with whom I have collaborated in joint and commissioned projects.


In the commercial/corporate environment I have worked on trademark image projects, on developing websites and promotional videos, office stationery and promotional material. 


I have displayed my work in collective and individual exhibitions. 

Érrez Èras

Designer and Visual Artist


Designer & Visual Artist

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